Turn the page in 2014

Make more money

Increasing your returns can be a simple matter of making a few tweaks based on research into your existing business models. Matterform can do an audit of all your LoB processes and find where you’re wasting time and money. We build improved systems and automate common tasks, making things easier for business owners and their staff. And that translates into a smoother experience for customers.

Start a new business

Setting off on a new enterprise can be a complicated and prickly affair with lots of potential potholes. Let us help you navigate the tough road ahead. We can design your Line of Business from the ground up, assist with your revenue model, and recommend tools and software. We help our clients build things out on a phased schedule. This means covering mission-critical needs in the beginning, then building a solid foundation for future growth that includes increased automation.

Launch a new web or mobile app

Have an idea for the next killer app? We’ve got you covered. We can help you create and even launch it. We can also work with you to ensure the success of your app by helping you refine your business model, automate your sales and build your social media pipeline.

Whatever your business goals in the new year, work toward them in the smartest way possible by reaching out to the experts at Matterform. We make things work.

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Download "HIPAA-Secure Smartphones"

You already have all the technology you need to secure smartphones at your company. All you need is some guidance about what really works. In our BYOD Blueprint, I’ll show you simple steps you can take right now to reduce cybersecurity threats from employee smartphones.

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