HIPAA Risk Analysis & Assessment Experts

We help create perspective and actionable, security-first plans for your organization


One holistic, secure process

A risk assessment is the essential first step in creating a security-first approach within your healthcare organization. Going beyond a simple risk analysis; Matterform provides a comprehensive roadmap that leads beyond basic HIPAA compliance and integrates best practices based on NIST Cyber Security Standards. Complete with a third party vendor risk analysis, our prioritized risk management plan offers actionable steps to mitigate risk.

Throughout the process, Matterform is here to help. We become an extension of your team following the assessment, to provide direction and even provide an incident response plan in the rare case one is needed in the future. 

Our expert risk analysts guide you

HIPAA for Humans

“As a Senior Risk Analyst, I aim to bring a human centered approach to risk assessment and management plans. HIPAA compliance has a bureaucratic, “red tape” reputation. I often act as a liaison between management and IT, and build actionable plans with a holistic approach to interdepartmental communications. With Matterform, your risk assessment will be comprehensive and beyond basic HIPAA compliance, and your risk management plan will be aligned to strategic goals, operate under a realistic budget, and an efficient schedule.”

Michael Herrick (Founder & Senior Risk Analyst)

We provide goals and actionable plans

Being a security-first organization starts with a risk assessment

Set priorities

A risk assessment is just the first step. Along with comprehensive, actionable assessments, we provide a risk managemet plan prioritized for execution.

Mitigate risk

By following your risk management plan, you can ensure you are in compliance with both HIPAA and best practices according to NIST Cyber Security Standards.

Be consistent

We are available for ongoing consultation as part of our risk assessment, and provide a thorough incident response plan in the rare case one is needed.

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