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Social engineering

Social engineering is what we call the intent of obtaining a company’s personal or private information through its employees or the people that have access to that company’s information. It

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HIPAA secure text messaging

93% of hospitals have patient portal 10% of patients want a portal 20% would like to communicate by text. It’s important to remember that everybody wants to communicate by text,

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BYOD: Bring your own device, or Bring your own disaster?

67% percent of the people that own a smartphone, use it for job related activities.  The most popular pin used to protect those smartphones is: 1-2-3-4* * Your employees are

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Multi-Factor Authentication for Healthcare

    Multi-factor authentication, sometimes called two-factor authentication or MFA, is one of the most effective security controls you can implement at your healthcare organization. Multi-factor authentication makes security and

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Cannabis dispensaries

If you run a cannabis dispensary  in Illinois you will be required by law to observe certain sections of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means a

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HIPAA Fines Increasing in 2021

HIPAA enforcement ebbs and flows, but I anticipate an increase in HIPAA fines in 2021. This pattern has already begun with a significant number of HIPAA actions occurring at the

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Is Encryption Enough?

If you belong to a healthcare organization, you’re most likely aware of the risks of inadequate cybersecurity. Attacks on your company’s digital data systems can leave your patients’ personal health

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