Risk assessment done right

We change the way our clients think about their business challenges and look at them from a Matterform point of view.

"Because audited entities largely failed to conduct appropriate risk analyses, they were then unable to link their security plans to management of identified risks."


Dedicated consultation and support

A Matterform risk assessment gives you access to your expert risk analyst throughout the analysis and risk management phases – and even beyond that into incident response should it ever be needed. Even with a plan, mistakes can happen in an organization. We are all human. That’s why we are here to help.

When it comes to a risk assessment, you need more than a checklist. We align your risk management plan to strategic goals, a realistic budget, and a do-able schedule.

Our team takes pride in going beyond compliance by helping your organization stay on top of evolving security standards so you’re never caught unprepared. For example: in 2021, we are assisting healthcare providers in achieving the HIPAA Safe Harbor security standard – HR 7898.

Being proactive about security standards does more than just benefit your patients, your providers, and your organization – it brings peace of mind.

We provide clear goals and actionable plans

Becoming a security-first company starts with a risk assessment.

Set priorities

Our plans include risk-level prioritization - from critical to negligible.

Best practices, simplified

Cybersecurity is an integral part of healthcare security standards.
Our Standards

Mitigate risk

Our risk analysts understand both healthcare organizations and IT.

Leave it to the experts

A fresh perspective on your every day operations can be a big relief.
Talk to an expert

Be consistent

Understanding why standards are in place helps ensure consistency.

Operate smoothly

We help your team feel comfortable with the 'why' of cybersecurity.
Start learning
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You already have all the technology you need to secure smartphones at your company. All you need is some guidance about what really works. In our BYOD Blueprint, I’ll show you simple steps you can take right now to reduce cybersecurity threats from employee smartphones.

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