Cannabis dispensaries

If you run a cannabis dispensary  in Illinois you will be required by law to observe certain sections of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

This means a lot of things, but the first step, and probably the most important one is that you have to conduct a HIPAA risk assessment.

A risk assessment is more than a checklist, more than a network scan. It needs to cover all your business processes, not just IT, and it needs to offer specific guidance to improve security.

The Matterform process will save your staff hundreds of hours of work and you’ll feel confident that your HIPAA strategy is on a sure foundation, with a solid plan for moving forward to manage risk. When you work with Matterform, our experts will interview your management and technology staff in person to:

1.-Inventory all systems, from your EHR to your paper files to your staff training

2.-Review policies and procedures, check business associate agreements

3.-Identify technical and non-technical process vulnerabilities

4.-Conduct a vulnerability scan of your local computer network

5.-Deliver specific, action-oriented recommendations aligned to your strategic goals

Here are some resources for you to get started right away:

Full one hour Webinars:

How to conduct an effective HIPAA risk assessment

Vendor Management

Our HIPAA for humans video series:

HIPAA 3 business goals 

HIPAA setting priorities with your risk assessment


And check our blogs at


Starting a business is hard. Do not put it at risk, or do not risk the chance of fines. Especially when you have a solution right at your fingertips.


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