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In this free download, Matterform CEO Michael Herrick and Jonathan Sandmel from Steady Networks talk about ways business owners can protect their organizations from cyber threats.

Michael and Jonathan covered many of the issues that trouble smaller businesses, from ransomware to data breach notification to ways you can protect your bank account from fraud. This panel is a must read, as it provides small business owners with the information they need to create actionable cybersecurity policies and procedures they can immediately put into place in their organization.

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Excerpts from the Table of Experts

“The biggest problem I see is that [business owners] feel so overwhelmed by it, they don’t know where to start, and they assume, well, if Home Depot’s being breached and if the federal government is being breached, what chance do I have of
protecting myself from these threats? With consulting support and some expertise, there are steps that even these small businesses can take that are extremely inexpensive and extremely effective. They’re going to have to do it themselves. It’s going to be a while before they’re going to be ready to have an internal IT department or outsource to an IT firm to do the work. With a little bit of consulting and a little bit of support, they really can take effective steps to protect themselves and they’ve just got to.”

“For us, because we have such a broad range of customers in every industry, all types of business are under attack. So, from my perspective, the hackers are indiscriminate in the sense that they want to get in and just look around or do a ransomware attack where they can charge you for your own data regardless of what the nature of that data is.”

“It’s really important to get our employees to understand why we’re asking them to do this. This isn’t just making your life miserable. I’m not asking you to jump through hoops because I think it’s funny. We only want to do things that are actually effective. We don’t want security theater anymore. We want actual security, and we want our employees on board with it, understanding why it’s important and why we’re taking these steps and it’s got to be effective steps that we can all believe in, not the security theater that we have been seeing for so many years.”

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