Matterform Approach to Custom Software

Development Strategy

Matterform is not just a software company. We take a unique approach combining business and technology strategy, secure hosting, custom programming, and ongoing support. We can deliver your solution fast and unlock the growth potential for your company.
* Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) working collaboratively with your leadership team to create and implement a coherent, cost-effective, and impactful technology strategy.
* Custom software development and access to our entire team, including Michael as software architect, our lead dev Tony, and associate dev Alicia.
* Application and database hosting in our secure data center.
* HIPAA strategy. If you are building a healthcare app, we deploy our best cybersecurity and assist with a risk assessment, policies, and other required documentation.
* No long-term commitment. We work month-to-month and help you design a realistic schedule for delivering new features on a workable budget.

Get to market fast

Your software will be built on top of our own application framework, leveraging a vast library of pre-existing source code. Using our framework gets you to market faster and more securely than any other solution. If you opt for the SaaS version (Software-as-a-Service), you can sell your product to an unlimited number of customers and users.
We own the copyright to the framework, but you can obtain a license that lets you edit the source code and host your application yourself, with no further payments to Matterform. And you don’t have to assume any risk up-front. We can spread the license fee over time, or even defer it in some cases. This helps your cash flow, and reduces your startup risks.

Sprint or Coast

Success comes from consistent work and continuous improvement. But we know you can’t go full-speed all the time. Sometimes you need time to validate new features with your customers, and sometimes you need to take a cash-flow breather.
In any month where you don’t need continuous software development, shift gears and coast. You’ll pay just for hosting, bug fixes, general support, and licensing. When it’s time to ramp up again, our team will be ready to start your next sprint. You can make progress in short one-month sprints, or in bigger leaps of three or four months at a time (with prepayment discounts).

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