Matterform’s New Office Space

Matterform is expanding! And expansion often requires an addition of space. Matterform has an office on the 6th floor of the Simms Building. However, this space became more and more cramped as time went on. Meetings with the whole team especially demonstrated this, as the office comfortably houses just 2 people. Any more than that, and the space began to feel very claustrophobic.

When the office space next door opened up, we jumped right on the opportunity. At more than twice the space of the original office, the whole Matterform team fits quite comfortably within the new office. We can have a dedicated conference area, including a large TV for presentations, as well as the space and basic appliances needed for lunch. This new office also gives each Matterform employee their own dedicated space.

The office was previously painted several colors, including beige and slate blue-grey for the walls, with red and green accents. We repainted the entire office on a Saturday evening. It was quite the endeavor, but turned out beautifully! We went with a neutral white for the walls, with accents of (Matterform) red, as that is our company color. We also purchased basic furnishings for the office, including several desks, and some chairs. We plan to continue fleshing the office out as time goes on, adding more furniture, as well as plants and other personal touches.

As Matterform continues to expand in the near future, this space will grow with us for some time. We are very thrilled about the fact that we are expanding, and are looking excitedly towards the future.

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