Vendor Risk Management

Do you have questions about working with third-party vendors? Do you have strategies in place for minimizing risk when working with vendors?

If so, check out the “Definitive Guide to Vendor Risk Management”.

Michael Herrick, CEO, elaborates on vendor risks in the healthcare industry:

“The guidelines about health information and privacy are spelled out clearly on the Department of Health and Human Services website, but that’s only part of the picture”, explains Herrick. “stolen credit card number is just a minor hassle and consumer protection laws ensure you’ll get all your money back very promptly. But if your healthcare records are compromised, it can affect your medical care, ruin your credit, and take years to straighten out.”

Herrick says that “any vendor handling health-care information covered by HIPAA could put a hospital or medical center at risk. This includes the FedEx person, people managing information in the cloud – more people than you might think”.

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