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HIPAA Risk Assessment

Don’t let the stricter HIPAA rules scare you. Just understand how they work, who’s at risk, and how to protect yourself. The first step is to hire a company like

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The Latest on HIPAA

Our free 15-minute presentation is short and to-the-point. You can fit it into your weekly staff meeting with time to spare. Use it to jump-start your compliance plan or double-check

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Tech on the HIPAA Hook

The maximum fine per violation for health-care providers has increased to $1.5 million. And for the first time in HIPAA’s history, their business associates can also be held liable for

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Turn the page in 2014

Make more money Increasing your returns can be a simple matter of making a few tweaks based on research into your existing business models. Matterform can do an audit of

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HIPAA and Encryption

Update! HIPAA standards are classified as either “required” or “addressable.” Data encryption is an addressable standard. It’s not “required” but that doesn’t mean it’s optional! According to “Health and Human

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Docs Risking Huge Fines

Hospice of North Idaho, with its staff of four, found out the hard way that it had gone astray of guidelines when it was hit in early 2013 with a

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